Book One: The Christ: Our Kingdom Within   |   Book Two: Into Bliss : Our Kingdom Within Experienced    
Book Three: Beatles Spirit : Lennon / Harrison   | Book Four: Transcendency : Our Love-Within Divinity
Book Five: Say The Word 'Love'   |   Book Six: Meaning : Inward To Our Love-Within   


Joseph Whyte
Educational Background:
B.A.in philosophy at UCLA
M.A. completed credits in philosophy at CSULA

educator....creator, developer and co-owner with his wife Sharon of Studies in Meaning, a critical-creative thinking program
former high school teacher of ethics and logic
writer and anthologist of philosophic-wisdom

Published Author:
Of Pathics and Evil: A Philosophy against Malice (Barnes and Noble / Amazon)
          Review: www.ofpathicsandevil.net